Edmonton’s Local Antique Collectors & Specialists

This page is a listing of Wild Rose Antique Club Members that are collectors and passionate about a certain area of antique collecting.  To be listed you must be a member of the club.  You can have a maximum of 3 areas of collecting interest.  You must also have an email address or phone number so people can contact you to ask questions.

Asian Antiques

Clinton Beck Office: 780-474-7447 clinton@beckantiques.com

Canadian Art

Michael Clausen Office: 780 307 8478  michael@polarbearantiques.ca

Coins & Currency

Clinton Beck Office: 780-474-7447 clinton@becknumismatics.com

Flying Log Books – Aircraft Log Books

Doug Styles Tel:780-483-7985 dstyles@shaw.ca

Lego Building Sets

Clinton Beck Office:780-474-7447 ceocbeck@hotmail.com

Pocket Watches

Carla Beck –  Office: 780-474-7447 carla@beckgemlab.com

Jewelry – Antique Jewelry

Clinton Beck –  Office: 780-474-7447 carla@beckgemlab.com

Maps – Antique Maps

John Horrigan Office: 587-597-MAPS (6277) newsfact@web.net

Miltaria – Uniforms – WW1 – WW2 – Antique War Memorabelia – Military Documents

Clinton Beck Office:780-474-7447 admin@ironcrossantiques.com

Doug Styles Tel:780-483-7985 dstyles@shaw.ca

Postage Stamp Collections – Postal History

The Stamp Gallery Office:780-760-6078 ivrudyk@shaw.ca

Sterling Silver – Antique Sterling Silver

Clinton Beck Office:780-474-7447 clinton@beckantiques.com

War Medals – Antique Military Medals

Doug Styles Tel:780-483-7985 dstyles@shaw.ca