Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society


Welcome to The Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society

Our club was founded in 1974 by individuals who shared a passion for collecting and researching antique and collectible objects from various periods in Edmonton and abroad.

This site provides information on our club operation and a brief history of the past activities, its upcoming events and most importantly, membership opportunities.

Come To A Great Collectors Meeting!

I have been a member of the Wild Rose Antique Collectors Club for the past five years.  If you are a collector and would like to discuss and share all types of collectible treasures, please come out and visit our Society.

Clinton Beck – President

2019 Show Dates April 13 & 14th!

This new sign is on Display at Beck Antiques & Jewellery.  They will soon be hanging in all the Antique Shops in Edmonton.  If you see the sign make sure to thank the store owners for supporting our society.

The signs will be up all year long and we only need to change the show date section each year.  This will be great for promoting our society.

Everyone Is Welcome To Our Monthly Meeting

We meet on the 4th Monday of Each Month.

We meet at the Delwood Community Hall (the little hall next to the school and outdoor ice rink) located at 7515 Delwood Rd, Edmonton, Alberta.  We have prizes, a fun auction, snacks and amazing antique collecting stories and guest speakers.


The meeting starts at 7:30pm.  If you are interested in collecting, picking, antiquing or just a beginner, this is a great place to visit.

Special News Bulletin:

Show Application Package 2019

Show Display Application 2019

Wild Rose Antique Club Membership application 2018-2019

Bernie Haber, Show Director

Phone Number: 780-479-1234

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