Clinton Beck – President Cell / Text: 780-966-1930

Bruce Gilbertson – Vice President

Medina  Avdic – Secretary  Cell / Text: 825-993-1663

Kim Stade – Membership Cell / Text: 780-479-1234

Tom Fritz – Treasurer

Show Chair-  Samantha Beck Cell / Text : 780-901-8430

Vacant – Editor Dig & Pick Magazine  Cell / Text : 

Cindy Preston – Social Coordinator skyravenowl@gmail.comCell / Text : 780-984-7775

The Benefits of Serving on the Board of the Wildrose Antique Collectors Society 

Serving on the Board of Directors for the Wildrose Antique Collectors Society is an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the preservation, appreciation, and advancement of the antique collecting community, not only in Alberta but globally. Here are several compelling reasons why becoming a board member can be a rewarding experience:

Leadership and Influence
  • As a board member, you will have the unique chance to guide the strategic direction of the society, impacting its growth and overall success.
Networking Opportunities
  • You will establish vital relationships with other leaders and experts in the field of antiques, furthering your professional network and paving the way for new business or collaborative ventures.
Skill Development
  • The boardroom is a dynamic environment that can help refine your skills in governance, strategic planning, and financial management.
Industry Insights
  • Serving on the board offers a comprehensive view of market trends, upcoming shifts, and innovative practices, giving you a competitive edge.
Community Building
  • Being part of the board allows you to directly contribute to programs, initiatives, and policies that benefit the antique collecting community at large.
Mentorship and Learning
  • As you interact with seasoned collectors and business leaders, you will gain insights and advice that are invaluable for both professional and personal growth.
Social Responsibility
  • Through philanthropic endeavors and community outreach, you can contribute to society by preserving cultural heritage and fostering ethical trading and collecting practices.
Personal Satisfaction
  • There is immense gratification in knowing that your contributions are aiding in the preservation and dissemination of history and culture through antiques.
Credibility and Recognition
  • Your position will add to your professional portfolio, reinforcing your expertise and credibility in the field of antiques and collectibles.
A Lasting Legacy
  • By contributing your skills and knowledge, you’ll leave an indelible mark on the society and the world of antique collecting for years to come.

We invite those who share a genuine passion for antiques and a commitment to ethical collecting practices to consider this prestigious role.

Clinton Beck President
Wildrose Antique Collectors Society