Vendor Show Information 2024

Location: Edmonton Inn & Conference Center

11834 Kingsway Ave Edmonton Alberta Canada TG5 3J5

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Formerly known as the Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre, this newly rebranded hotel is iconically Edmonton. Rich in history, the Edmonton Inn was a landmark in Edmonton as one of the premiere hotels and destinations for travelers and locals alike. With restoring the brand back to its original name and with major renovation plans, the Edmonton Inn will once again be on the tip of everyones’ tongues.

Ideal for business or leisure travel, the Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre is conveniently located just five minutes from downtown Edmonton, offers 260 spacious rooms and suites, and is Edmonton’s largest meeting and conference space. The Edmonton Inn is in the center of it all – just minutes from both Kingsway Mall and Rogers Place. Enjoy our range of amenities from our Graze Restaurant and Arbour Lounge to our fitness centre and more.

Friday April 5th Noon - 7PM Set Up Only

Our volunteers will be setting up your tables all day Friday, from 10 AM on. If would like to show up early and help them, that is greatly appreciated but not required.  Please show patience and grace with all our volunteers, they will be working hard to keep the show running smoothly for everyone. Remember that antique shows are supposed to be a fun experience, not a stressful one.

We will have security overnight, but as a rule, don’t leave anything valuable or easy to steal in your booth visible. Theft is a common occurence nowadays and protect yourselves wisely. A good strategy is to lock up items in big bins with a padlock.  

Saturday April 6th 8am Doors Open For Vendors

A great time to come put the final touches on your booth.  It’s also a good time to meet your neighbors and other vendors.

10am - 4pm Doors Open To Public

Have fun and enjoy your experience at the largest antique show in the West.  Be mindful of any suspicious activity.  Shoplifters have been at every show since the beginning of time.  Remember to take out your camera start recording anything suspicious. Alert Show Chair or a volunteer immediately if you witness anything suspicious. 

Most importantly, have fun and bring positive energy! This will really help with more sales! 

4PM Closing Procedures

We will have security overnight, but as a rule, don’t leave anything valuable or easy to steal in your booth visible. Unfortunately, items have been stolen from every show, so don’t make it easy to be robbed. A good strategy is to lock up items in big bins with a padlock.  

Sunday April 7th 9am Doors Open To Vendors

10am - 3:30pm Doors Open To Public

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Vendor Identification

Vendor passes or wristbands are required for free entry to the show, including Friday set-up. Passes are supplied as follows:
1 to 2 spaces – 2 passes

Passes will not be mailed in advance, but we promise that getting your wristbands on arrival should not take more than a few minutes.

Passes will be issued at the Wildrose Antique Collectors Society “Welcome” table, which will be set up in the front lobby of the hotel, and is where you will check in on Friday upon arrival.  Passes will be good for entire show duration. 

Volunteers will be visible and available if you have any questions. 



Vendor Booth Size & Placement

Vending spaces are 8ft by 8ft. A limited number of 6ft tables will be available. Our goal is to make this a wonderful experience for you.  If you need anything, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Booth Placement- Please see the “FLOOR PLAN” page. If you do not see your name, please contact the Show Secretary at 780 901 8430.  There will also be a Floor Plan available on Friday as well as names on all table assignments. 

We strive to get every vendor their desired location but we ask for your understanding if your placement is not perfect. 


110-watt outlets are available for wall spaces only. Please indicate on the form if you need power, as space is limited.


We will be on-site at all loading doors and doors accessible to the public. Their instructions are to refuse entry to anyone not having valid passes. There will also be overnight security for Friday and Saturday.  There will also be undercover security dealing with any shoplifters or situations.


The Edmonton Inn parking is free

Overnight parking of motorhomes, campers, or vehicles on site.

Set-Up & Move Out


Rules Of Conduct

  • Merchandise must be of excellent quality and in keeping with the tradition of the show: Antiques, collectibles, and nostalgia items.
  • Items shall be priced, and reproductions or distressed/ repaired items clearly labeled.
  • Fire regulations and crowd movement require that all merchandise and/or tables, will be confined to the limits of the rented space. No items under table if access to aisle.
  • Neither the WRAC nor THE Edmonton Inn will be held responsible for damage or theft or whenever caused. Vendors may wish to carry insurance for such an event.
  • Consumption of intoxicants within the sales area is forbidden. Violators will be expelled.
  • No pets are allowed in the Expo Center, except as required as aids or guide dogs.
  • Information about the club, will be displayed at Club member booths
  • Vendors must always have a person at their booth and not cover the booth during show hours.


The Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society respects the privacy of its members and vendors. The information collected is for the sole use of the Society and its operations. All information is kept confidential and is not sold or transmitted in any form to any outside party. Requests for information and its use should be directed in writing to the WRAC Society. and its privacy officer.

GST & Booth Receipts

In compliance with CRA rules, any vendor charging and collecting GST is required to display their GST NUMBER prominently and issue receipts upon request bearing the vendor’s full trade name or operating number and their complete and current GST number.

Booth Receipts

Receipts will be provided when you pick up your wristbands on the setup day, Friday.

President Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society

Show Chair Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society

Clinton M Beck
Show Chair, WRAC

Text / Cell Phone 1-780-966 1930

Show Secretary 

Samantha Beck 1-780-901-8430

The Show Chairman reserves the right to refuse any application without a reason and is the final arbiter, judge, and jury of all matters pertaining to this Show.